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Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Crankbaits

Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Crankbaits

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Featuring Rapala's revolutionary Scatter Rap technology, the Rapala Scatter Rap cruises through the water in a frantic and evasive pattern that gets bass salivating. With the addition of the new Scatter Rap bill, the Scatter Rap draws tenacious reaction strikes - without ever making contact with structure. Simply by varying your retrieve speed from slow to fast, you can get the Scatter Rap to deflect out to the side and generate vicious reaction strikes. Built using the classic Rapala crankbait body profile, the Rapala Scatter Rap features a rugged, non-ratting, balsa wood construction, and two razor sharp VMC black nickel hooks. Offered in a host of classic colors, as well as, some of Ike’s Custom Colors, the Rapala Scatter Rap is another example of Rapala’s continuing innovation. 

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class
Scatter Rap Crank 5 2" 5/16oz 6-8ft Floating
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