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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Rapala Shad Dancer Crankbaits

Rapala Shad Dancer Crankbaits

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Made from premium balsa wood, the Rapala Shad Dancer captures all of the excitement of the original Rapala Tail Dancer – now in a lifelike shad profile that spells trouble for hungry predators. Swimming with a silent, yet aggressive sweeping action, the Rapala Shad Dancer produces a hard-thump that works wonders on everything from largemouth to pike.

Built with a wire-through construction and a durable lip, the Rapala Shad Dancer delivers bolstered performance that is able to withstand strikes from the largest and toothiest gamefish. Armed with two sticky-sharp treble hooks, the Rapala Shad Dancer combines timeless balsa wood design with a universally appealing shad shape to give anglers a game-changing plug. 

Rapala Length Weight Depth
Shad Dancer 04 1-1/2" 3/16oz 7-10ft
Shad Dancer 05 2" 1/4oz 7-10ft
Shad Dancer 07 2-3/4" 9/16oz 9-14ft
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