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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

River2Sea Goon Crankbaits

River2Sea Goon Crankbaits

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Designed to get down deep and do the dirty work that most crankbaits can’t, the River2Sea Goon Crankbait is built with a weight transfer system and a specially-shaped concave lip that allows it to target the 12-16ft range with outstanding efficiency. Once it gets down in the water column, the River2Sea Goon Crankbait stays in the strike zone and puts bass in their place with an aggressive wiggling action. Additionally, the weight transfer system also produces a deep knocking sound that drives big bass wild. Complete with two short-shank round-bend River2Sea trebles, the River2Sea Goon Crankbait delivers the muscle you need to put a hurtin' on bass. Deep diving.

River2Sea Length Weight Hook Depth
 Goon Crank 2-5/8" 15/16oz  #2 R2S Trebles 12-16ft
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