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Savage Gear DC Slide Gill

Savage Gear DC Slide Gill

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Taking realism to the next level, the Savage Gear DC Slide Gill combines ultra-lifelike design with a hollow body construction that moves across matted vegetation with outstanding efficiency.

Designed using Dual Chamber (DC) technology, the Savage Gear DC Slide Gill features a chamber of the hook and an independently sealed upper chamber, which minimizes water intrusion and allows the bait to seamlessly glide across the surface of the water. Included with a razor-sharp double frog hook that hugs the body, the Savage Gear DC Slide Gill allows anglers to fish around heavy grass, pad fields, and tight spots under trees and around docks with confidence.

Offered in a range of hyper realistic bluegill colors, the Savage Gear DC Slide Gill makes every cast count by minimizing water intrusion and delivering a highly effective walking action calls to trophy bass. 

Savage Gear  Length  Weight
 DC Slide Gill 2-5/8"  5/8oz 
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