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Strike King KVD OPT Supa Fry 6pk

Strike King KVD OPT Supa Fry 6pk

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Breathing new life into an old school technique, the Strike King KVD OPT Supa Fry worm utilizes modern technology to achieve a more realistic look and natural presentation. Featuring Strike King’s exclusive Open Pour Technology, which delivers multi-layered laminates with no blurred edges and the super soft feel that is normally associated with small batch hand pours, its muted action appeals to inactive fish, especially in cold water conditions. The OPT Supa Fry can be used effectively on a Carolina rig, Texas rig, drop shot or darterhead, and it is absolutely deadly on a shaky head. Available in a wide range of ultra realistic colors, the Strike King KVD OPT Supa Fry is sure to be a mainstay in your finesse arsenal. 

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4.5" 6
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