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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbaits Double Willow

Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbaits Double Willow

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The Strike KIng Premier plus features the exclusive Z-Man perfect skirt. The perfect skirt blooms wide and even, and the exclusive Magic Tail also serves as a trailer and provides extra action to the skirt. Each skirt is matched perfectly to the head of the bait for an appealing natural look. The premier plus also features Spin Eze® ball bearing swivels with 24k gold and or nickel plated blades. Attached with a flex bend spring tempered stainless steel wire to the beautifully painted head with Holographic 3D eyes. All Premier Plus blades also come with a pre-rigged Sabre point trailer hook, making this bait ready to fish right out of the package.

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