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Toad Thumper Thumper Poppin' Frog

Toad Thumper Thumper Poppin' Frog

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Made using a proprietary super soft plastic material and zero-line contour body, the Toad Thumper Thumper Poppin' Frog provides excellent collapsibility and improved hook-up ratios so anglers can go toe to toe with the biggest bass in the nastiest of cover. Designed with a large popping mouth to chug and spit water erratically as it walks along the surface, the angled nose and flat belly construction help prevent body roll that is commonly seen with keeled belly frogs.

Featuring streamlined legs and a unique body design to enhance its walkability, the silicone leg material is positioned away from the hook points to prevent fouling during a hookset. Armed with a custom frog hook that places the hook angles on top of the body for a superior hook-up ratio, the Toad Thumper Thumper Poppin' Frog delivers maximum action and high performance with a custom-made leak stop plug that helps keeps water out of the frog during fishing.

Toad Thumper Length Weight
Thumper 2.75"  5/8oz
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