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Tommy Tog Resin Jigs

Tommy Tog Resin Jigs

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The Tommy Tog Resin Jigs are highly durable, extremely long casting jigs built for those chasing albies and bonita in the Northeast. Featuring a traditional lead jig construction, the Resin Jigs are comprised of a through-wired painted led core encased in an extremely hard clear resin coating. This smooth resin coating is stronger than traditional epoxy finishes and will never crack or break, keeping the jig in perfectly good shape as it bangs against rocks or gets chomped on cast after cast. The compact profile of the Resin Jig makes it a phenomenal caster even in tough conditions as they are highly aerodynamic and can easily cut through the wind. While these jigs were tailor made for high-speed false albacore fishing in New England, they also excel when used for plenty of other predatory species actively feeding on small bait such as striped bass, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and more. 

Highest quality Resin Jigs with VMC 4x Inline hooks and split rings.

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