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Z-Man Chatterbait Micro

Z-Man Chatterbait Micro

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The Z Man Chatterbait Micro is a downsized 1/8oz version of the Chatterbait Mini. This finesse bait provides the same intense vibration and action as its big brothers, and is an excellent choice for light tackle, clear water, and finicky fish. It also comes with a super tough Elasztech mini split tail trailer.

The Chatterbait Micro combines the flash of a spinnerbait, the vibration of a crankbait and the snag resistance of a jig. The hexblade serves as a weedguard while creating an intense vibrating action. This is the key to this incredible bait. Very versatile, the Chatterbait Micro can be worked from shallow to deep. Remove the skirt and trailer and try a soft plastic jerkbait. This combination works great on schooling fish.

The Chatterbait Micro's blade size is comparable to a penny.

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