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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Z-Man TRD Minnowz

Z-Man TRD Minnowz

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Providing a downsized presentation for those tough days on the water, the Z-Man TRD Minnowz are the ultimate finesse bait that mimics a wide variety of small minnows, fry, and other small forage. Molded with a slim baitfish profile and a small flat tail, the Z-Man TRD Minnowz create a subtle quivering action with very little movement from the rod tip that any fish will have a hard time turning down.

The Z-Man TRD Minnowz are also made from extremely buoyant plastic, which makes them an excellent choice for a drop shot, split shot, or Z-Man’s Finesse Shroomz Jigheads. Available in a wide selection of proven color patterns, the Z-Man TRD Minnowz simply get the job done when the fish are keyed in on small forage. 


8 per pack.

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