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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Zoom Dead Ringer Worm

Zoom Dead Ringer Worm

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A masterful take on the original ring worm, the Zoom 4” Dead Ringer worm delivers big attraction in a bite-sized packaged. Designed with a series of segmented rings along the body, the Zoom 4” Dead Ringer Worm traps and holds water, creating presence that is far greater than its small body.

Additionally, the curly tail flutters on the fall and when twitched, making the Zoom 4” Dead Ringer Worm too much for bass to resist. Impregnated with just the right amount of salt, the Zoom 4” Dead Ringer Worm delivers deadly, finesse-sized attraction that excels on a drop shot, darter head, and light Texas-rigs.

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4" 20 
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