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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Zoom Shakey Tail Worm

Zoom Shakey Tail Worm

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Lethal with finesse tactics, and especially deadly on a shakey head, the Zoom Shakey Tail Worm delivers a fluttering action that is simply too good for bass to pass-up. Unlike most “no-action” worms, the Zoom Shakey Tail Worm is equipped with a lively, curled tail that creates a wild vibration with the slightest bit of current.

Impregnated with the perfect amount of salt, the Zoom Shakey Tail Worm is molded with a thin diameter that is perfectly suited for darter heads, Texas-rigs, and split shots. Offered in a host of bass-catching colors, the Zoom Shakey Tail Worm combines finesse and action into one bass-catching package.

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6" 20
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