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Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler 10pk

Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler 10pk

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Delivering premium pigmentation, the Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler takes the proven body shape to new heights with a hand-poured, triple laminate construction that is sure to seal-the-deal. Offering quality that is not normally found in mass-produced baits, the Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler features three layers of labor-intensive coloring that results in unique hues and one-of-a-kind colorways.

Molded with fine ribbing along the top and a flat-bottom, the Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler delivers subtle action and a slightly delayed decent, which works wonders on heavily pressured fish. Offered in a number of professionally poured colors, the Zoom Z3 Swamp Crawler is evidence of Zoom’s continuous commitment to providing anglers with the best possible baits. 

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5-5/8" 10
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